About Lisa

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Lisa is proud to be your local voice for the Dawesville electorate.

Lisa is a wife to Steve and has two adult sons, Alex and Frazer. She enjoys spending time with her family and her two dogs, Justice and Jett. Lisa’s sons are both autistic, so she strongly advocates for bringing targeted, evidence-based education programs to primary and high schools to support all neurodiverse young people and feels ongoing medical research in this field is paramount. The incredible strengths and value that autistic/neurodiverse people can add to a workplace must also be explored and invested in.

Emergency service workers' health and mental health is another passionate area, and Lisa works tirelessly to shine a light on the needs of the ambulance service and other front-line workers.

You will find Lisa connecting with the community through volunteering, supporting locals through advocacy, and providing an informed interface between community members and the State government. She acts as a voice for her electorate in the electorate. Lisa enjoys working with local legends to support our most vulnerable, offering practical advice and assistance and advocating for her region's community groups.